Stanley Sloth Plumpie

Stanley Sloth Plumpie

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Stanley Sloth Plumpie

Stanley the plush Sloth Plumpie is ultra soft and delightfully understuffed. When Baby wants to kick back and simply “hang around” Stanley is the perfect snuggly companion! Our friendly Sloth character is made with the finest quality fabrics, hand selected for the ultimate in cuddling pleasure. Baby-safe embroidered details adorn his face and paws, and a little embroidered leaf can be found on his belly. Loaded with charm, Stanley the happy Sloth Plumpie stuffed animal is a baby’s best friend! Enjoy on its own or shop our entire Stanley Sloth collection to assemble your very own custom set of Baby Sloth accessories.

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Weight 7.4 oz
Dimensions 11 × 5 × 5 in

Birth & Up


10" Sitting


(23 cm)