Bali Beaded  Evil Heart Car Charm / Crystal Suncatcher

Bali Beaded Evil Heart Car Charm / Crystal Suncatcher

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Our Bali Beaded Car Charm is like a dangling tower of cuteness that you can hang anywhere! The crystal heart and bohemian beads will bring a bright spot to your day. This suncatcher will dazzle your car (or anywhere in your home) with the most beautiful rainbow prisms. Stopping your day to just admire the sunny reflection is normal with our suncatchers. You’ll love how it lights up your car with prisms, but the rearview mirror isn’t the only place to hang it! Try hanging it in a kitchen or bay window! What about on your front door or a covered porch so it reflects cheerful sunlight into your home? Dangle one from a ceiling fan or lamp! Hang one on a Happy Bag as part of a gift! Tiny treasures make days more JOYful! Give a treasure that makes someone smile!