Care cover Mask Mate Headband

Care cover Mask Mate Headband

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Care Cover

Mask Mates Headband

the comfortable way to wear your mask all day

a portion of all proceeds will be donated to further assist COVID-19 relief efforts

Wearing a mask for long periods of time can be irritating and uncomfortable, especially on your ears. The solution? Mask Mates Headbands. Our comfortable fabric headbands are designed with durable buttons, perfectly placed to hold up your mask, and relieve ear pressure and irritation from elastic straps. Our tapered ergonomic design is complete with non-slip grips to make sure your headband stays in place all day. Available in six unique prints and six solids, Mask Mates coordinate with Care Cover Protective Masks, and can be worn with any elastic strap mask - medical, fabric, homemade, construction, etc. Makes a thoughtful gift for essential workers, family, and friends!

  • Holds up your mask and keeps hair out of your face
  • Relieves ear pressure and irritation
  • Comfortable stretch fabric design
  • Non-slip grips keeps headband in place
  • Six unique prints + six solids
  • Coordinate with any Care Cover Protective Mask
  • Carded and peggable
  • One size fits most adults